Saturday, January 7, 2012

Episode 1.11 (9/30/92)

If you have a miscarriage, and someone gives you a dog to replace your dead baby, and then you lose that dog, well . . . maybe that's a pretty big fucking sign that God is punishing you for wearing turquoise jewelry, JANE.

"What did she do to deserve this?"  She wore turquoise jewelry.

"What does anybody do to deserve something bad?"  Wear turquoise jewelry.

"I deserve bad things."

Change the World Today Opportunity:  Give a lady a dog.  Pay no heed to the fact that she spray paints sticks she finds on the beach, or the fact that the dog is clearly terrified of her and has picked up on the fact that she'll probably get high on Mexican PCP and try to eat him later; no -- give that lady a g.d. dog.  And then take a walk on the beach and laugh about your wacky miscarriage and dog-loss adventures.

P.S.  The crazy lady was played by an actual crazy lady who was most definitely drunk.

"She looks . . . not well."  "Just throw the dog at her and call it a day."